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Production Requirement

I can dedicate operators to this machine.

I expect the part to be blasted automatically

The Part

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What is the part made of ?

What areas require blasting

Do you have internal specifications (process, mechanical, electrical etc.)


Current Process

This process is new to our plant

The parts are currently blasted off site

The system 
           will not 
be placed in line with other process equipment.

The system 
           will not 
be expected to share material handling systems (ex. monorail) with other process equipments.

The Process
Blast Cleaning  Preparation Prior to coating
Deburring Reconditioning
Deflashing Shot Peening
Descaling  Surface Etching

Other (please specify)

Site Description  
I would like to fit the machine in a shop of area:
M Wide X M Long X M High.
Our available compressed air is
CFM atKg/cm²
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